Driver ‘in shock’ after car parts found on his body

Posted September 03, 2018 17:37:51 A driver has been left “in shock” after finding a car part he was driving was missing from his body.

Ricky Rondath was travelling on the Gold Coast on Tuesday when he was travelling in his Mazda CX-5.

He had been driving on a highway near the town of Burleigh in Victoria when the car was stopped at the side of the road by police and a search for the missing part was launched.

Mr Rondathan said the part was on his leg, which had been pulled out of his waistband.

“It was stuck on my thigh and it was sticking out,” he said.

When he pulled up, he saw that it had a bolt through it.

The part had to be removed to be put back in.

“[It] was just so painful and I was in shock,” he told

But he was soon able to get it put back on, after the police officer gave him a stern lecture.

Police said they were investigating whether the part could have been taken from the car at some point.

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