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Volkswagen’s rally car rally in Japan has been marred by a number of technical problems and a massive fuel leak, prompting the company to shut down the event.

The rally has been a huge success for VW and it is expected to return to its original venue in Tokyo for the second time in less than a month.

The problems began late last week when a massive leak of fuel from a vehicle that was being used in the rally caused severe engine overheating.

The company said the problem was unrelated to the fuel leak and it has now been put under a full inspection.

The leak was found to have originated in a battery in the front of the rally car, the company said.

It has also been found that a faulty electrical plug that was in the car’s engine bay could also cause problems, according to reports in Japanese media.

Volkswagen said it will be returning to its Tokyo venue for the rally on Saturday and the company has said it expects the rally to go on for another two weeks.

It is unclear if Volkswagen is looking to cancel the rally altogether, as the event is being held at the same time.

The Japanese carmaker is also under investigation by the European Union for using defeat devices to cheat emissions tests.

The European Union, the United States and several other nations are seeking to shut it down.