Mustang car Parts Auction closes for ‘best of the best’

The automotive industry is still reeling from the devastating impact of the 2016 Tesla Model 3 recall.

But the auto industry is already gearing up for another auction this year.

The $50 million Jeep Car Parts auction is one of the biggest in the country.

It’s the biggest auction in the world, but the company hasn’t announced the price yet.

The auction starts Friday at 1:30 p.m.

ET, and runs through Sept. 10.

The Jeep Car parts auction is the largest in the U.S. and was first held in the spring of 2017.

The Jeep Car products are manufactured in China and include all types of car parts, including body, roof, hood, roof trim, side windows, side doors, door panels, dash, hood ornament, bumpers, side skirts, bumper cover, fender flares, bumper trim, and many more.

The 2017 Jeep Car part auction is a huge event.

The auction includes all kinds of vehicles, from classic Jeep Wrangler, Renegade, and Grand Cherokee models, to the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In addition to Jeep Car, the auction will also feature the Jeep brand name, including Wrangler Grand Cherokee, Renegades and Grand Cherokees, as well as Jeep parts from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and others.

All of the proceeds from the auction go to local nonprofits.

The proceeds also benefit the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and other local charities.