Walmart Car Parts sells ‘Walmart’s first-ever automotive-grade fuel cell’

Walmart (WMT) has announced that it will be selling the company’s first automotive-quality fuel cell for its retail stores, and it will also sell a new fuel cell called a “Walmart Supercharger.”

The fuel cell, known as the “Walmeless,” is a compact, low-voltage, low noise, lithium-ion battery, designed to reduce fuel consumption.

The fuel cells have a combined power density of about 3,000 watts per square meter, which is comparable to the energy density of a lithium ion battery.

The fuel cell will be installed in Walmart’s first retail stores.

The Superchargers will be used in Walmart Supercenters, Walmart’s largest and most popular shopping areas, in select markets around the world.

Walmart is aiming to have about 20,000 Superchargs installed by the end of 2020.