How to fix the ‘Cards Against Humanity’ problem

In December, Cards Against Humanity founder and CEO Mike Judge was interviewed by the New York Times and said that he “did not want to be a part of a corporation that makes fun of the disabled.”

Judge, who has also been accused of racism, has defended his comments saying, “It’s an art form.”

As we reported last year, Judge and his team created a virtual version of the fictional card game, called Cards Against the Human, that uses real-life illustrations of people with disabilities to promote the game’s message of kindness and acceptance., which features images of people of various disabilities, is still up and running, though Judge has since been banned from the site.

In his interview with the Times, Judge also stated that he had been told that he was not welcome to make a card with a disability in the future.

“I didn’t want to do that.

But it was something that we thought was important,” Judge said.

“I have friends that are very, very disabled, and they said, ‘I can’t make that card for you.'”

The WSJ’s report about Judge’s comments has led to criticism that the company has been targeting people with disability and has unfairly targeted people with cognitive disabilities.

Earlier this year, a New York man named James J. O’Brien filed a federal lawsuit against the company, saying that it had discriminated against him because he is a cognitively disabled person.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, and it has since gone to trial.

Judge said that the plaintiffs have made several representations that Card Against Humanity has a disability problem and is trying to silence them, but he did not deny the accusations.

“We have no issue with people with intellectual disabilities,” Judge told the Times.

“We have a problem with the people that have cognitive disabilities.”

He said that while he would not rule out the possibility that Card against Humanity might hire a blind or blind person to write its next cards, he did “not think it would ever happen.”

Judge told the paper that he is not sure why Card Against The Human was banned from his website.

While the company did not comment on the allegations in the lawsuit, it has released a statement on its website, in which it states that “is a platform for the dissemination of ideas, and we have no tolerance for hate speech.”

The company says it has “zero tolerance for any type of hate speech,” adding that it is “committed to working with anyone who seeks to speak out against the discriminatory practices of the Card Against Human Company.”

The WSJD reports that Judge told CNNMoney that he would “never have made that statement” if he thought the lawsuit was a matter of free speech.