How to avoid getting car parts on the street

How to protect yourself from car parts thieves.

Irish car dealer Richard Hickey has a message for the new generation of thieves who are seeking to rob his business: If you’re going to do it, do it right.

He said the average number of thefts on the Irish roads last year was six per cent of the total, while burglaries jumped by nearly 30 per cent.

“The main problem we’re seeing is people are using our cars as a vehicle to steal items,” said Mr Hickey.

“They’re using it as a personal vehicle, it’s a car to take out money, they’re using a car for business and they’re just trying to get away with it.”

Mr Hickey is not the only business owner who is facing the challenge of keeping his business safe. 

Car parts thefts have been on the rise in the last few years with more than half of the thefts being car parts.

“We’re seeing more and more theft of car parts,” said Joe McBride, managing director of the Car Parts Trading Association.

“There is no shortage of items that have been stolen in the past few years, from TVs to computers.”

This has been happening all across the country and we are starting to see an increase in the number of businesses across the nation being targeted.

“Mr McBride said the trade organisation was looking at all avenues to prevent such thefts from occurring.”

It’s really important that you have your CCTV, you have a plan in place to monitor and respond to any incidents,” he said.”

If you see any signs of an incident or if you see anything that suggests you’re at risk, there’s always a way to intervene.

“But I would also say to anyone who’s planning on stealing anything and who’s not thinking about how they can prevent this happening, they should really think about what they’re doing in terms of CCTV.”

The most common reason for car theft in Ireland is the theft of an old car.

“Most of the cars that have gone missing in Ireland are cars that were bought a decade ago,” said Dr Ian O’Neill, head of the Irish Centre for Theft Research and Intelligence.

“So it is one of the things that has been a big problem, particularly in the rural areas.”

What we’re hearing is that it’s not as prevalent in the city, it seems to be more of a concern in rural areas.

“Mr O’Neil said it was important for car owners to take measures to make sure they have CCTV cameras, and for people to check on the status of their car when it’s lost.”

In the car industry, you’re always looking at security, it is always a concern, but the question that is going to be posed to us is if we’re going into the future, will it be better to have CCTV, because you’re not going to know what’s going on, are there cameras out there that are out there?

“He said CCTV cameras were also essential to preventing people from stealing your car, and to keeping it secure from thieves.”

You should be monitoring the car for anything that might indicate that someone is attempting to steal it,” he added.”

I would say for most car owners, they do monitor the car every day for anything suspicious, but in some cases they might not have the CCTV out there.

“Read more: Car theft has risen in Ireland – and thieves are becoming increasingly brazenThe Irish Association of Motor Dealers said car owners should take steps to keep their vehicles safe, and monitor them regularly.”

Any vehicle that you purchase from a car dealer should be kept locked down and secure,” said Dan McArthur, chairman of the association.”

Every day there are vehicles that are stolen, but most of the time it’s the old car or the old parts.

“The Irish Motor Dealership Association has been lobbying the Government to make it easier for car dealers to take action when a car has been stolen.”

The Association has also launched an online forum to discuss car theft. “

We’ve had meetings with the Department of Transport and they are committed to putting cameras in the vehicles.”

The Association has also launched an online forum to discuss car theft.

If you are a car dealership, how can you protect your business?

Car parts thieves are looking for vehicles with a lot of miles on them, or that have a lot to do.

“Some of the vehicles that we have lost are brand new, or they’ve been in use for a long time,” said John McConnel, head mechanic at St Andrews Motor in Rathfarnham.

“And if the vehicle has been sitting in a garage for a while, then they might have some sort of a problem with it, so we’d be more than happy to take it off the road if it was something that was a problem.”

Mr John McConnell, of the Royal Irish Motor Vehicle Association