Suzuki: All the classic car parts from the past are back in 2018

The Suzuki Cars and Trucks division has announced that all the classic cars and trucks are coming back in 2019.

The brand has said that the 2019 model year will include a brand new generation of Classic cars and Trucs, as well as a number of new models from other brands including the Toyota Camry and Toyota RAV4.

“We are very proud to have all of our classic cars, trucks and SUVs on the new 2019 Suzuki lineup,” said Suzuki Cars President and CEO Takahiro Kudo.

“Classic cars are synonymous with our brand, and we have always believed that our customers want the best of our brand in the world.

With 2019, we want to be able to provide them with the best in Suzuki.”

The 2019 Suzuki Classic will have an interior and exterior design that was inspired by the classic Japanese cars of the 1970s, which were introduced with the introduction of the Suzuki GT500 in 1968.

The 2019 model will also include the brand new, revised-generation RAV3 with more fuel efficiency and a new transmission.

The new model will be offered in four trim levels, the basic model, the standard model, an all-wheel drive model and the Sport.