5-Year-Old Gets Car Parts Con for $3,500

4K photos of the parts that car parts companies are selling for $2,000.1K photos, videos, and 3-D scans of the car parts that auto parts companies sell for $4,000 in 3-d models.1.3K photos from the same event, showing the parts being sold in 3D.2K photos showing a person wearing a part.2.5K photos showcasing the parts at a local dealership.3.3M photos of parts being shipped to customers.

The event, which takes place at the Detroit Auto Show in February, was a first for the brand, with the first-ever $3.5 million purchase of a car part.

The event also marks the first time the brand has made a major purchase in an auto show, according to Engadge.

While it’s still unclear how much money the company is making from the event, it’s likely the bulk of the company’s profits come from the cars, which the company says it’s selling for less than $200,000 at the time of the purchase.

The company says the goal is to continue to grow the brand and bring more quality cars to customers, but in the meantime, it has created an event where it can promote its cars and share information about them, and even sell some parts.

For those interested in buying a used car, there’s also an option to go into the dealership and receive the car for free.