How to get your car parts on the market, and where to buy them

Cars are the future of the economy, but some parts aren’t easy to get.

Here are some basic rules of the road.


Find out what you want before you buy.

Many parts have an expiration date.

Ask where it will be available next.


Find an authorized reseller.

If you have questions about the part you want, call the dealership or go online.


Ask if you can swap it out with a cheaper model.

Many car parts will come with factory rebates.

If so, call to find out what that price will be. 4.

Make sure you can afford the rebates and parts.

If not, you can buy replacement parts at a discount from other dealers.


If your car doesn’t have the part it needs, check the manufacturer’s warranty to make sure it’s covered.

If the part isn’t covered, the dealer may have to repair it yourself.


Find a trusted dealer.

Many dealers offer warranties on their cars and trucks.

They will even repair your car if it breaks down.

Ask the dealer if you should replace it with a different part or repair it online.


Get a copy of your car’s paperwork.

Find all the required documents and fill out a form.

Some dealers have a website to help you fill out the paperwork.


Read your warranty.

Some warranties may include warranty repairs, warranty replacement, or a warranty extension.

Find the warranty, and fill in the required information.


Take a look at the dealer’s website.

Check out what it has to offer.

If there are no sales reps in your area, call a local car shop.

They’ll probably have the parts you need.


Get quotes.

Ask about pricing and get quotes from reputable dealers.