House votes to pass $6.8 billion for NASA, air force, defense

The House on Thursday voted overwhelmingly to approve a $6 billion federal bill to help boost the U.S. military, while also expanding the budget of the Air Force.

The vote was 233-186.

The measure also provides $6 million for the Department of Defense to develop a national ballistic missile defense program.

It will be sent to the Senate for approval.

The bill was the latest piece of defense spending that Democrats have sought to push through Congress.

Trump signed the bill into law in April and President Donald Trump signed it into law on Friday.

The House approved the bill on Thursday after passing a bill earlier in the week.

The White House said it would send the bill to Trump for signature.

The Senate passed the bill along party lines.

Trump’s order The House bill would provide $631 billion for the military, which the Trump administration said would be the largest increase in the size of the military since 2002.

Trump has said the increase will help combat terrorism and other threats.

It would increase the U