Watch as a Rock Car Parts Machine takes over the NFL

It’s an automotive version of “Fast and Furious,” only with cars.

And with this year’s installment of the “Fast Five” series, the automotive equivalent of the Fast & Furious franchise, we’re seeing an evolution in what makes an automotive repair shop tick.

We’ve seen some big-name names step up in the past few years, and now it looks like another big name is on the horizon.

According to Autoblog, Rock CarParts has a new partnership with NASCAR.

The two companies are bringing in NASCAR to provide automotive repair parts to its service centers.

It all starts with an announcement that Rock Carparts is partnering with NASCAR to offer its repair service to NASCAR drivers and fans.

“NASCAR’s partnership with Rock Car parts is a perfect match,” NASCAR said in a statement.

“The Rock Car service team offers a comprehensive range of services including tire removal, wheel replacements, wheel replacement parts, engine replacements, engine parts, and more.

NASCAR’s customer service is always first on our minds, and we look forward to working with Rock to offer the best repair and service for our fans.”

In other words, NASCAR has a brand new car repair service for NASCAR fans, and Rock Car is joining the NASCAR family to offer service to the fans.

It sounds like the partnership is a good one, and it certainly shows in the way NASCAR treats its fans.

Rock is just the latest to come on board with NASCAR’s efforts to expand the automotive market.

Last year, the sports car manufacturer announced that it was acquiring the auto parts maker K-Mart.

And in 2016, it acquired the auto service company ProTech, a division of General Motors that also specializes in automotive parts and parts management.

This year, Rock will have a direct line to NASCAR, which is an excellent fit for the brand.

As the company says, NASCAR will have access to its automotive parts service, which can be provided to NASCAR fans via an exclusive online platform.

This will be Rock’s first time working directly with NASCAR since the company was acquired by General Motors.

Rock’s acquisition of the NASCAR service team will bring Rock into the same business model as the automotive industry itself.

It’s a good time to be an automotive enthusiast.

While many manufacturers are making significant investments in their service programs, they still have a long way to go before they reach the same level of success that NASCAR has had with its cars.

When you see ‘Volkswagen’, you think VW, car parts

VW’s cars are among the most popular luxury cars in the world, but the company is also a major player in the automotive industry.

As the leader of the world’s largest automotive supplier, Volkswagen is responsible for making cars for the likes of BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Audi and Porsche.

Volkswagens main rival in the car industry is Daimler.

But VW’s own car-parts business has a bigger presence.

VW sells parts for its luxury cars, and its own car parts business is responsible the parts for the vehicles it sells.

In 2013, VW sold $7.5 billion worth of car parts and parts parts for other vehicles.

In 2014, Volkswagen announced plans to buy Daimlers auto parts business for about $2.5 trillion, which is a significant amount of money.

It’s the largest investment in a car parts company since General Motors invested $8.2 billion in Toyota in 2000.

While Daimles car parts division is one of the biggest in the industry, Volkswagen has long maintained that it’s not the biggest player in car parts.

Daimle is the world leader in car engines, and the company makes the engines for many of the top brands in the US and Europe.

But that’s not all that makes Daimleds car parts one of VW’s largest rivals.

Daimler’s car parts are made in Europe.

That means that it can undercut Volkswagen by making cars in Europe and then shipping them to the US.

That’s what VW does, by buying parts from Daimels plants and shipping them back to Germany.

This is known as a “special arrangement.”

Volkswagen also buys parts from other car parts suppliers in Europe, such as BMW, Daimlens and others.

In 2014, VW bought parts from BMW for $821 million, and from Daejels for $912 million.

Volkswagen’s biggest rival in car manufacturing is Hyundai.

The car company makes many of its cars in China.

But that’s the opposite of what VW wants to do with its car parts purchases.

VW is looking to take the business from Daxels and make its own cars.

It also wants to sell its cars directly to customers in Europe as a result.

That could mean the company sells cars directly from the plants where they were made.

Volvo says it’s trying to change that with a strategy called “Volksbunde.”

It will sell its car-part business directly to carmakers, including DaimELS, Daxel, BMW and others, rather than using its own factories in China or elsewhere.

Volkswagen says it has a 50 percent market share in the German car industry, with the rest coming from parts.

The strategy would help VW to maintain its global dominance in the luxury car market.

But critics say that strategy will only make the company more reliant on imports, and that it could leave Volkswagen vulnerable to the new wave of cheap Chinese components.

The policy change could make it harder for Volkswagen to compete in the market for the more expensive Japanese cars.