How the world’s first super-fast car is making the headlines

Southern car parts maker Altec Lansing announced that it will be selling the world first superfast car at $100 million.

The superfast supercar, dubbed “The Blackout,” is set to be delivered in 2019.

The announcement came after the company announced that its new superfast production facility would open in 2019, which will allow the company to increase production by 30 percent annually.

The facility will also create at least 3,500 jobs in its state.

The company said the Blackout will be built using an advanced new-generation 3D printing technology, which makes it possible to make cars with the performance of today’s models for an entire vehicle.

The company plans to produce 1,500 cars a year, which is a 20 percent increase over the current production capacity.

Altec Lansing is a subsidiary of the Lansing Corporation, which owns and operates the Michigan state of Michigan.

The car maker has a global headquarters in Lansing, Michigan.